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Home Caregiver LIVE IN

Location:Fairfield, CT
Employment Type:Per Diem
Department:Compassionate Care Companions
Unit/Shift Hours:Per Diem - Varies
Description:Summary: Offer non-medical services on an hourly or live-in basis for clients who need supervision and companionship.

Reports To: Coordinator, Home Care

Titles Supervised: n/a

Hours Per Week: Per Diem - LIVE IN

Provide companion care to the elderly in the community. Positions requiring CNA or HHA also available.
Duties:Essential Job Functions:

Companions are there for the benefit of the client and they should provide all the regular caregiver services. The companion should assist the client in regaining the feeling of usefulness and self-confidence.

1) The companion should follow the general rules and routine of the home, using the plan of care as a guide to the client’s specific care.
2) The companion should not leave the home at any time unless specifically given permission by the family and the office. If the companion must leave the home for any reason, the office should be called when leaving and upon returning.
3) The companion should always wash their hands before and after client care.
4) Live-in companions are expected to sleep-in at the client’s home and they should be present 24 hours a day. (The work portion of the day is approximately 8 hours per day but may be split up) (live-in cases only)
5) The companion should have private/ separate sleeping quarters(live-in cases only)
6) The client should supply meals for the companion. The amount and kind of food supplied should be of a normal, average amount and type. The family is not expected to supply food over and above what is considered “normal”. If a companion is on a special diet or desires specific food in addition or instead of what is considered “normal”, he/she should purchase it with their own money. (live-in cases only)

1) Prepare all of the client’s meals for the client, including those which may be of a specific dietary nature. The companion may need to encourage the client to eat.
2) Encourage social interaction with the client and actively engage them to enjoy old activities.
3) Supervise client with bathing and dressing, but not allowed to do bed baths or to enter the tub or shower with the client.
4) Document the client’s Care Plan and return to office weekly.
5) Do errands/grocery shopping for the client if necessary.
6) Supervise the client with ambulation, whether they use a walker, a cane, a pair of crutches or ambulate independent.
7) Remind the client to take their medication when appropriate.
8) Provide emotional support and companionship for the client.
9) Notify the family member and the office of any sudden changes in the client’s condition.
10) Perform homemaker functions, such as changing the linen, making the bed, cleaning the client’s bedroom, the kitchen and the main living area, doing laundry, dusting the furniture and vacuuming.
11) The employee may transport the client in a vehicle supplied by the client, upon a transportation waiver being signed by the client. The employee should not transport any client in his or her own vehicle without permission from the agency.
12) Abide by the policies and procedures of CCC distributed during orientation in the Caregiver Manual.
13) Other related duties as assigned.


Perform all of the duties listed for a Companion as well as the hands on care to include but not limited to the list below:
1) Performance of bathing and personal care – total care or maximum assistance.
2) Provide incontinence care
3) Transferring patients requiring maximum assistance or total lift with a Hoyer lift.
4) Feeding of the client
5) Turning and positioning the client that is immobile or has decreased mobility

The level of hands on care will be assessed and defined by the office. In some cases the level of care may vary and some aspects may be incorporated into a companion level of care. Multiple criteria are required to meet the hands of level of care. As a CCC employee, should you have concerns regarding the level of care you are providing you are required to communicate this to the office so that an assessment for definition of care can be performed.

Qualifications:Minimum Qualifications:

Education: High School Diploma or GED

Experience: Six months work experience as a companion caring for a senior or loved one or have completed HHA or Certified Nurse Assistant Training. For hands on cases, at least 1 year in a home or LTC environment

Licensure: For hands on cases a HHA or CNA license is preferred. For driving case, a must have a valid State driver’s license


The ability to read, write and carry out directions in English. If the client requests a companion with a driver’s license, they must have a valid State driver’s license as well as submit to a Department of Motor Vehicle check. The companion’s driving record must not show prior driving violations above and beyond what is considered “normal”.

This description of responsibilities is intended to reflect the major responsibilities and duties of the job, but is not intended to describe minor duties or other responsibilities as may be assigned from time to time.

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